When “Church” Gets Boring

when church gets boring

When “Church” Gets Boring

Recently in one of our weekly Mission teen bible talks, Jeremy asked the teens if they were getting bored. He didn’t mean with his bible lesson that night, he meant with our meetings in general.
Although these teenagers have great hearts to show up every week to church services, events, and weekly bible talks, it seemed they always “knew what to expect.” The hum-drum of tradition was starting to sink in to our teen ministry and into their hearts.

But nothing about Jesus or the early church was “boring” or “hum-drum”- it was exciting, radical, and filled with passion.

So our teenagers decided to start dreaming bigger.

They decided that they themselves will start planning and preparing for a 24-hour dodgeball tournament designed to raise thousands of dollars for a HIV orphanage outside of Tijuana, Mexico.
They want this event to be big, crazy, and super evangelistic.

God never wants us to get comfortable or bored in our faith, and these teens are inspiring us to step out and do something crazy for God! You know what they say, “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!”

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