Leadership in Training Week

Leadership in Training Week


For one full week our campus ministries all across the San Diego county were able to have a full week of intensive training to mature as leaders. The LIT Program was an incredible and spiritually-refreshing week. Throughout the week, we were able to learn how to lead through Jesus’s example and through the wise words of so many leaders in the kingdom that I personally look up to. Not only did this week test and strengthen my biblical knowledge, but it also disproved a lot of misconceptions I personally had about leadership in the Church.

Each day of the week consisted of a quiet-time led by our own students, two convicting and amazing lessons from heroes in the faith , and a training lab that allowed us to fulfill our mission and put into practice what were learning. Examples of our training labs were; washing each others feet, sharing our faith on campus with color specific shirts in teams, and mock bible talks. We also had MARC’s to complete every day which stood for Memorize, Action, Read, and Challenge. We would have three scriptures to memorize every day that we would be tested on the following day, actions and challenges to put into practice from what we were learning that day, as well as specific chapters to read in the book “Lead Like Jesus”.

One thing that I absolutely loved about this week through reading “Lead like Jesus” was the focus on servant-leadership. When I think of a leader, the image that usually comes to mind is someone who is outgoing, who is good in front of a crowd, and who is a powerful presence. However, this week focused on the leadership of Jesus, the ultimate example humility and sacrificial love. I learned that Jesus put others above himself and was willing to stoop down to the lowest position in order to serve his disciples and meet the needs of the people around him. I especially loved Luis and Sylvia Mendez’s lesson on being willing to wash peoples’ feet and give all the glory to God alone if we are to strive after being a “servant leader”.

Overall, the lessons during this week were challenging and eye-opening, and it encouraged me and so many others that anyone can be a leader, not because of our own ability but through the ability that God gives each and every one us, being his disciples.

“For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more of them.” -1 Corinthians 9:19

Rachel Gonzalez


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