God moving the Married’s Ministry

God moving the Married’s Ministry

Our Church has had a strong Campus Ministry culture from the beginning from early on.  The mainstay to our churches maturity, growth & support comes from the Married Ministry.  Many would say that the Married Ministry is where you ride off to, settle in, and forge family.  What if I told you the Married’s Ministry can be a source of amazing growth, thriving ministry miracles and inspiring stories of redemption…… that’s where this story comes to you from.  We know that God grows the church and it’s up to us to scatter seeds and water them (1 Cor.3:5-9;)….. what if I told you we need to approach things like Jesus did by loving people & prayer!!??  We need to PUSH God to move our ministry.

Jesus had compassion on people no matter who they were and He didn’t have an agenda with people (Matt.9:35-38;).  Jesus prayed often!  Dig into this prayer to unlock the mystery of the Married’s Ministry.  In John 17 Jesus prays:

  1. For Himself – John 17:1-2;
  2. For the disciples – John 17:10-11;
  3. For the Lose – John 17:20;

We need to work smarter not harder.  Turn to God, let him hear our cries, put together a prayer list and begin to love people when you are out and about.  We need to pray for God to open the doors to people’s lives and we need to pray for God to give us the words to say (Colossians 4:2-6;).  When we begin to be still, turn to God & ask Him……. God will open the doors to a Thriving Married’s Ministry.  PUSH…… pray until something happens.

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