Be Bold for Spiritual Change in 2017

Be Bold for Spiritual Change - SDCOC - Women

Be Bold for Spiritual Change in 2017

Dear Amazing Women of the San Diego Church of Christ.

Thank you for your partnership & continued unity as we strive together to glorify God!! We, as the women of SD are planning on joining thousands of our sisters around the world to make a difference in 2017. Please read below & join with us as we choose to become BOLD FOR SPIRITUAL CHANGE!

Do you long to make a difference in this world? Does your heart feel pain for the souls of women today?

So much is happening around us.

Women everywhere are feeling angst. Some are fearful. Some are angry. Some are passionate. They are marching. They are hoping. They are calling for change for their lives and for the lives of those around them. They hunger to feel valued. They desire a meaningful purpose. Meanwhile, too many are burdened by bitterness and weighed down by guilt and shame. Women across the world are desperate for meaningful relationships…longing to matter. Longing for love.

Myriad are the issues, but the one solid solution lies only in the person of Jesus. Only through his loving, life-giving message can the hearts of everywoman—those we don’t know as well as those we do know—find true acceptance, freedom from guilt, forgiveness, and hope. Jesus alone can give confidence, security, and purpose to all. He turned the world upside down with his culture-changing value of women when he walked this earth, and he has no desire to stop now.

To be bold for spiritual change we must start somewhere. What can we do?

Look around.

Really see the lives behind each face. Will you pray for them? Will you act on their behalf?

Wednesday, March 8 is the annual International Women’s Day. This year’s world theme is “Be Bold for Change.” What a fitting message for disciples of Jesus?

The need is great.

We need courage and boldness to offer the mighty things God has done for us to those around us. We must act in compassion, for without love our words are no more than clanging symbols (1 Cor. 13).

Words can be many.

We can post, we can tweet, we can carry signs…but the question remains—what will we do? As the Scriptures state, Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth. (1 John 3:18)

On Tuesday, March 7, we are asking all sisters around the world to join together for a day of prayer and fasting.

For what? For boldness to change the world for Jesus. We will send specific scriptures and prayer requests via the website.

On Wednesday, March 8, we are asking all sisters to “be bold for spiritual change.” Act. Be bold. Through faith let us call on God to unleash the power of his Spirit in our lives as we share the powerful message of Jesus. And remember that we are not alone.

Prepare your hearts.

Stay tuned. Tune in to: Sign up and you will receive updates. We will send ideas and would love to hear yours. Spread the word. Share. Post.

Let us call on God together, and through faith wait in grateful expectation for his mighty works.

Suggested study and prayer focus:

  1. March 1 – Matthew 22:37-40; 28:18-20 Pray that God’s mission for us here on earth will be clear in our hearts and minds.
  2. March 2 – 2 Timothy 1:7-12; 2 Corinthians 3:4-6 Pray that we can be bold and confident in who we are in Christ, and confident with what we have to share.
  3. March 3 – John 17:20-23; Romans 15:5-6 God desires our unity and comradery. Working together as one we can be the hands, feet, ears, and voice of Jesus. Pray for unity. If you are not united with someone, determine to be bold for spiritual change to reach complete unity. If you don’t have a sister in your life that helps you to keep your spiritual focus, be bold for spiritual change and determine to find this spiritual partner.
  4. March 4 – Matthew 20:25-28; Philippians 2:3-7 Pray for humility and a servant heart. Pray to have the attitude of Jesus as we are bold for spiritual change.
  5. March 5 – Matthew 9:36-38; 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 Pray to have the eyes of Jesus as we encounter crowds and individuals–Eyes of compassion that respond with loving words and actions.
  6. March 6 – 2 Timothy 2:15 Pray that we will never be ashamed of Jesus or his words, but will boldly share them with others. Pray that we will know how to powerfully use the word of God to be bold for spiritual change.
  7. March 7 – 1 Thessalonians 4:4-6 As we unite in prayer, pray for all the above, pray for your sisters around the world, pray for conviction that changes our lives and the lives of others and that causes us to be faithful every day of our lives. Pray that God’s Spirit will fill our lives and that we will share not simply with words, but with power, the Holy Spirit, and with deep conviction. Pray for open doors (Colossians 4:3).

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