Dan & Brittany Lewis

Dan & Brittany Lewis

Youth & Family

Dan and Brittany Lewis, serve in the Youth and Family ministry in the North Region of San Diego. They met in 2014, started dating by the end of 2015 and were married in October of 2017.

Dan grew up in the Pacific Northwest and moved to San Diego to play football at Grossmont College. He then transferred, and finished his Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University in Political Science. Upon graduation, he moved back to San Diego! Dan and recently completed his Master’s degree in Physical Education at Azusa Pacific University. In 2013, Dan was met by Loren Snyder while coaching football, and his faith was reinvigorated. He began to seek a deeper understanding and love for God and the bible. He became a Christian on August 5th, 2014. In his free time, Dan likes to play basketball, tennis and volleyball. He is a sports fan and in general loves anything that has to do with competition and friends. Dan also has a passion for teaching and coaching, where he spent 5 years doing so.

Brittany moved from Florida to San Diego in 2001. It was in San Diego that she began her journey of faith and search for God. Even though she was raised in a Christian home, it was through personal bible studies that helped her connect to Jesus and become a Christian before entering high school. Brittany left California in 2008 to pursue a degree in Biology at the University of Florida, with the aspirations of pursuing a career in pediatric medicine. Shortly after graduation in 2012, she moved to Colorado and served in the Youth and Family Ministry for the church in Denver for four years. Brittany recently returned to Southern California in September of 2016 to be closer to family and her now husband.

Dan and Brittany are passionate about building up the next generation and equipping them for success and a deep relationship with Jesus for years to come!