Gospel Study Guide: The Lordship of Jesus

Gospel of Jesus Study Guide

Gospel Study Guide: The Lordship of Jesus

Jesus calls all of us to follow him and to make him Lord of our lives. When we do this, we are becoming disciples of Jesus (refer: John 8:31-32 ).

  1. Acts 2:36 . Jesus is Lord (Master) and Christ (Savior).
    • You cannot have one without the other.
    • The Greek word for Lord used here means “master”.
    • It was most commonly used to refer to the lordship of slave masters over slaves.
    • Those who accept that Jesus is their Lord are accepting that he is the ruler over their lives — That He has ultimate and complete control over their time, possessions, decisions and so forth.
  2. Romans 10:8-13 . Anyone who comes to Jesus to be saved must make him Lord of their whole life. If Jesus is not Lord of all, then He is not Lord at all.
  3. Luke 9:21-27 . Following Jesus and making him Lord means denying myself on a daily basis.
    (Suggestion: share what this means in your life.)
  4. Luke 14:25-35. Counting the cost of becoming a disciple of Jesus, or making Jesus Lord.
    •  Examples:
      1. Mark 1:16-18 . Following Jesus, fishing for men and leaving everything.
      2. Luke 9:57-62 . No looking back.
  5. John 13:34-35 . Following Jesus includes following his example of loving people.
  6. Mark 10:17-31 . The cost and the reward of following Jesus and making him Lord.


Q: What will be the cost for you, personally, to become a disciple of Jesus and make him the Lord of your life?

Q: Are you willing to do that?

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