Gospel Study Guide

Gospel of Jesus Study Guide

Gospel Study Guide

Dear brothers and sisters,

A study guide committee was commissioned by the San Diego church leadership to reexamine the traditional study series and see if opportunities existed for improvement. After prayer, study, and collaboration, this committee felt that a new study guide would more accurately express the message of the gospel and the believer’s response.

As any attempt to condense and highlight certain scriptures is of necessity a matter of interpretation, the committee determined to limit its material to what was considered to be the root and core of the gospel message of Jesus and the conditions the Lord makes upon us for its acceptance. Human commentary on the scriptures has the capacity for good or bad and even the wisest and best-intentioned efforts are bound to miss the mark of accurately communicating the message that the inspired writers intended to convey. For this reason the commentary contained in the study guide was intentionally simple and sparse. Where it was felt that some guidance as to the author’s intent would be helpful, a brief comment or question is provided. The scriptures are for the most part allowed to speak for themselves and to the heart of the individuals studying them.

This study guide is provided with the humble understanding that it serves as one of many tools for the disciple of Jesus to use in helping others come to a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Christians should always feel at liberty to add, subtract or substitute other verses when using this guide.

The use of additional material as best befits each individual circumstance is always encouraged. To help meet this need, the formulation of supplementary study material is under preparation and will be posted on the San Diego church website under the title, “Library of Resources: supplemental material”.

It is hoped that this study guide will not be perceived as a static statement of the beliefs and practices of the church, but as a dynamic evangelistic tool, that can be used in conjunction with other such tools, to help us in the effective sharing of our faith with people we love.

May God bless our humble effort to present his priceless treasure to a lost and dying world.

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